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Bam Margera, OG and former member of the legendary Jackass crew and a man we all pretty much grew up laughing along with, is not well. Bam is currently battling a very serious case of pneumonia, complicated by COVID-19.

TMZ reported that sources told them Bam was hospitalized in San Diego earlier this week. While in the hospital, he tested positive for Covid.  Bam is battling Pneumonia and due to the severity and complications of being Covid Positive, doctors decided to put him on a ventilator.  While he is being treated in the Intensive Care Unit, it is reported that his condition is stable.

bam margera and his son and ex wife

The news comes after a tough year for Bam who has been dealing with some mental health and substance abuse issues in rehab on and off.

Back in September, Bam returned to his court-ordered rehab program and there were some significant changes made to his treatment plan to avoid another escape attempt.

He will reportedly still have to see a psychiatrist regularly, and he will be required to remain sober and continue taking classes.

You may remember that back in August, Bam's brother, Jess Margera, and mother, April Margera, posted on Instagram acknowledging that Bam was appointed a temporary healthcare guardian.

The statement came in response to rumors circulating online that family members placed him in a conservatorship (like Britney Spears) which sparked the false conspiracy/trend online called the “Free Bam” movement.

Bam’s family members went on to dispute the “Free Bam” movement, clarifying that their family member was not “in a conservatorship.”

“It’s no secret that Bam has struggled with mental health and addiction. You watched Bam grow up and have supported him through his ups and downs. Our family has let you into the chaos that is our home, and we want nothing more than to continue this journey together,” they wrote.

“The ‘Free Bam’ movement has caused confusion and threat to Bam and our families,” the pair wrote, emphasizing that he was not in a conservatorship. “Although we love sharing our lives with you, some things need to be handled privately and treatment is one of them. Recovery is difficult and even more so under public scrutiny.”

“We ask for you to support Bam in his recovery, to stay on track, and wish him well in his sobriety,” the social media upload concluded.

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