Actor Chris Meloni is most well-known for his role as Detective Stabler on the NBC hit show Law and Order: SVU, and now his new spin-off, Law and Order: Organized Crime. You might also recognize him as the camp chef from Wet Hot American Summer. All of that is kind of irrelevant, because you'll definitely know him after reading this piece. Because one thing is for certain...Chris got cake.

Listen, I'm comfortable enough with my own sexuality that I can say this. I wish this were photoshopped, but that's America's a** right there. Real. In the flesh. People started noticing more regularly that Chris Meloni might have the best dumper on TV.

Bro, please! My wife looks at this website. Dang.

And at this point, it's clear that Meloni is in on it. He knows what he's packing in that trunk.

Let's just say it's a bad day to be these khakis...

Oh he totally knows.

I have nothing more, this is just a Chris Meloni appreciation post. Keep flexing on them hoes king!