VW Climate protest - bowls

Climate protestors in Germany called out Volkswagen for not giving them bowls to urinate and defecate into following a protest in which they glued themselves to a Porsche showroom floor. One protestor, Gianluca Grimalda, documented his experience on Twitter, saying that Volkswagen had told them they supported the group’s right to protest, but then denied their requests for excrement bowls.

The protest is one of many civil disobedience protests across Europe demanding quick and decisive action against climate change. This group claims they wanted to speak with the CEO of Volkswagen regarding speed limits in Germany, and decarbonizing the German transport sector.

Grimalda also Tweeted his displeasure with Volkswagen turning off the lights and heating in the building, and locking other protestors out. He also states that they could not order food, but had food provided by Volkswagen.

In the end, the showroom called the police to disperse the protest after 42 hours, and the group did not get to discuss their demands with the Volkswagen CEO. Grimalda received medical treatment for severe swelling in his hand, and says he will continue a hunger strike for his cause.