E-40 - Tattoo

There are quite a few bad tattoos out there, but a new contender for worst tattoo has entered the chat. 

This video of a tattoo of the rapper E-40 is making the rounds on twitter. Looking more like Pepe the Frog than the old school rapper, people had a good time poking fun at this botched ink job. 

Perhaps the most insane part about this tattoo is the fact that this artist was the one chosen to do the job. With the instagram page inkdonebytone, people were quick to point out that he has only been doing tattoos since March, and the rest of his portfolio by and large reflects that. At least he has lots of time and room to grow, but why someone would choose him for a job that undoubtedly requires high levels of skill, precision, and experience, is beyond me. 

The rest of his page is worth checking out if you want to see some more tattoos of a similar vein. In the meantime, let's focus on the tattoo job at hand.