Move over, yass-ification, it seems yet another-ication has entered the internet zeitgeist thanks to notable Short King™ Tom Cruise's— Quaid-ification. Earlier this month, Tom Cruise made a rare emergence from the bowels of Scientology HQ to hit the 95th Oscars Luncheon.

As he hit the red carpet and rubbed elbows with fellow stars including permanent Elvis Presley impersonator Austin Butler and Paul Mescal, who may or may not have gotten dumped for alleged a-hole Bo Burnham, the star’s appearance managed to spark a bold debate online — is the Top Gun actor slowly morphing into the quintessential Y2K sports movie dad, Dennis Quaid?

The answer from Twitter’s amateur anamorphs sleuths (you can Animorph into a beloved Disney dad… right?) seemed to be a resounding yes, with several fans sounding off on the actors, erm, “striking new look,” as Page Six called it.

Bimbofication, you don’t have shit on Quaidification.