After years of launching unwitting viral figures by wannabe Twitter cops, it seems internet doxxing has finally met its match — yassification. Last week, comedian Michelle Collins put a new spin on the old internet pastime of dunking on strangers, using yassification — a.k.a. The act of layering so many FaceTune filters on someone they enter a weird uncanny valley of hotness — to disguise the identity of a woman who brought a tube of mayonnaise with her on vacation.

“A lady at the airport brought her own personal tube of mayonnaise,” she wrote alongside the snap, which has since garnered more than 21 million views. “I’ve yassified her to maintain anonymity but she’s my hero,” she quipped.

Yet much like MayoWoman (Marvel, we’ve got your next Avenger right here), it seems Collins’ tweet granted her a hero status all her own, with commenters commending her creativity, bringing up Gordon Ramsay in drag, and even pondering the implications of her Lana Del Rey-ian question for the culture.

Here’s to hoping yassss facing strangers in public becomes the ethical gold standard for putting strangers on blast.