On rare occasions, Reddit has been known to give us some of the most interesting stories, pose serious questions, and engage the internet in productive ways. This is not one of those instances. "Who is the most overrated band or artist?", pondered Redditor u/Bilppity_09. Welp, the Internet responded.


User u/sixstringsandod said Nirvana. I mean sure. If by overrated you mean they were at the forefront of an entirely new genre of rock music, way ahead of their time, and we'll never get to experience their music live ever again, then totally...overrated.


"I'd rather paint a house with a Q-tip than listen to Bohemian Rhapsody ever again" -u/lewissassell. Cool, so I guess we're just going to judge a band on one song and nothing else? Killer Queen? Don't Stop Me Now? One of the most iconic collabs of all time, Under Pressure with David Bowie? Nope, they're overrated.

The Doors

There are too many bad takes on the internet to count, but somehow this still might be the worst. "You have to discover The Doors in your early teens to really latch on to them. It's not something you'll want to listen to if you discover them in your adulthood" -u/PicardTangoAlpha.

The Beatles

Anyone who says The Beatles (including u/lottawastedpotential) either hasn't given them a fair listen, or just wants attention for hating on something popular.

The Beatles literally have music covering multiple genres, songwriting styles, and time periods. If you can't find something to enjoy then maybe that's on you.

Foo Fighters

The hate this band receives is actually absurd. The incredibly talented Dave Grohl aside, they never got trapped in Nirvana's genre, or any genre for that matter. Pop punk, punk rock, metal, it's all there in their discography. 

When I say my jaw absolutely dropped...

Red Hot Chili Peppers

This thread has me convinced that people don't actually understand the definition of 'Overrated.' According to user u/linearburrito, "Red Hot Chili Peppers haven't rocked since 1998." Okay, well even if that statement were true (it's not) that doesn't mean they are overrated. You're literally saying there was a period of time were they rocked.

I think that's plenty of examples as I've already lost complete faith in humanity after reading these opinions. If you feel like judging people for their awful takes, here's the entire thread. Knock yourself out!