Hurricane Ian - Florida videos

Hurricane Ian has touched down in Florida, and as the category 5 storm wreaks havoc on the sunshine state, videos are flooding in faster than the water.

The sheer power of a hurricane is on full display, and these videos highlight the physical destruction such a force of nature can bring.

Hurricane Ian - Florida videos

Of course, seeing as Hurricane Ian has chosen Florida as its point of touchdown, it should come as no surprise that the “Florida men” are already putting their mark on this natural disaster. It shouldn’t need saying, but Hurricanes are life threateningly dangerous. Florida men have never seemed to understand this.

This Florida man puts his life on the line for a good reason, and saves a cat! 

Other kinds of cool clips have been coming in as well. Check out the storm as seen from the ISS in space!

And this one from the eye of the storm. 

This reporter was not having a good time reporting on the storm. Seams like maybe his team pushed it a bit too far with this one?

Ultimately, while the awe inspiring power of the hurricane is a sight to behold, and people's reactions to it (rational and irrational) are a source of amusement, we can't forget the unimaginable toll this disaster will have on the lives of so many. Death and destruction are unavoidable with a disaster of this kind, and we hope the rebuilding process can be a swift and hopeful one.