Florida Reporter - Condom Microphone

A Florida reporter is going viral for using a condom to shield her microphone from the rain. While covering Hurricane Ian, NBC2’s Kyla Galer quickly became a point of discussion on Twitter, or more accurately, her microphone did. Viewers noted that the mic's plastic covering looked surprisingly familiar, sporting a telltale bump on its end.

Galer responded to the rumors, confirming that the plastic covering was exactly what people thought it was, saying, “It is what you think it is. It’s a condom. It helps protect the gear. You can’t get these mics wet.” ABC7’s Jeff Butera chimed in saying, “Nothing better to waterproof a microphone.”

This is all well and good, but one would think that in this day and age a network as big as NBC would have a better option for microphone protection than a condom. A simple plastic bag or cellophane wrap would surely do the trick? And while this may be a cute solution on the spot, was water shielding the microphone really not something that came up during planning while covering a hurricane? And don’t condoms warn against using water as lubrication for risk of breaking?

NBC Florida reporter - condom microphone

Ultimately the entire incident is a brief light hearted moment in what is a full blown disaster for the people of Florida. But the question does need to be asked: Who’s idea was the condom? And who’s condom was it?