With the Super Bowl being held in Los Angeles, it was obvious that Hollywood's biggest stars would most likely be in attendance. Such was the case with Writer/Director Judd Apatow, who arguably had the best seats in the house.

Yup that's Kanye West in his now meme-worthy 'Super Bowl' mask. The musician was seated with his entourage which included NFL quitter, Antonio Brown.

Thanks to Apatow's comedic genius and quick-thinking, we got a live look in at Kanye's wardrobe situation.

The funniest part of this whole thing is that Kanye has a set of 'creepy contact lenses' somewhere, just lying in wait. That should've been the end of it. If your bro tells you 'you have to commit' then you gotta commit. 

But Kanye is gonna do Kanye.

Maybe Antonio Brown was the voice of reason, because the mask had come off. Although it was too little too late for Kanye, as the memes had already begun to roll in.

My goodness, what did we ever do before the internet? A huge shoutout to Judd Apatow for the play-by-play.