Sunday night’s Academy Awards was full of headlines and memes, including Jamie Lee Curtis aggressively pointing at Sigourney Weaver, an endless number of slap jokes (is this “Angry Will Smith” in the room with us now?), and the now-definitive pointlessness of Austin Butler’s permanent Elvis Presley accent, another debate has emerged from the star-studded ceremony: Did Lady Gaga side-eye a photog for patting her hip? 

Early in the evening, Lady Gaga made headlines after she broke from the typical red-carpet protocol of stopping, posing, stopping, posing and stopping and posing to rush to the aid of a photographer who ate it a la the legend of Jason Derulo at the 2021 Met Gala.

Despite singlehandedly proving that some heroes don’t wear capes — they wear killer sheer mermaid gown/smoky winged liner combo — new ultra-legit forensic analyses of the footage began raising questions surrounding what, exactly transpired in the moments following her red-carpet rescue.

The answer — much like the explanation for what, exactly, the Oscars ‘crisis team’ does —  is anything but simple. As the footage began circulating on Twitter, some fans noticed the songstress’ apparent annoyance — and possible side-eye — after the photographer patted her sheer-paneled hip upon emerging from the ground.

Despite briefly emerging as a testament to just how handsy dudebros can be — a very valid general basis of criticism as any woman who has ever stepped foot in a crowded area can attest — another angle managed to paint another layer to the conspiracy.

Moments after gathering his footing, it seems yet another reporter managed to catch the clumsy bug, dropping something on the ground just out of frame. Though Lady Gaga still appeared annoyed, it seems her glare was probably aimed at the bygone object — not the photographer gathering his bearings.

Despite these differing theories — You’ve got some stiff competition, Spit-gate — one thing is for certain: She sure as hell knows how to be everything everywhere all at once.