Let us preface this theory by saying that farts will never NOT be funny. It's clear to see from interviews and first-hand recollections that Leo DiCaprio is definitely a fart guy. He loves farting, he loves laughing, and he loves laughing about farting.

Is this obsession with flatulence a sign of immaturity as well as a contributing factor to DiCaprio capping his girlfriends at 25 years old? Or is this a reflection on the types of women he chooses to date, and what we as a society deem funny vs. childish? 

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According to both Kate Winslet and James Cameron, while shooting Titanic Leo would basically fart near Kate and cover her with his coat. Essentially trapping her in his stench. The two would laugh and go about their day. Claire Danes, however, was not so amused when he tried this technique on the set of Romeo & Juliet.

Here's the interview while doing promos for Don't Look Up. Both Jonah Hill and Leo are having trouble keeping it together after Jonah breaks out the fart machine.

So maybe it's not that Leo's girlfriends have gotten too old, or he's looking for someone hotter. Maybe it's that after women hit 25 years old, they no longer find farts funny. 

Can you imagine Rihanna breathing in Leo's stank butt? No. Can you picture Bar Refaeli enjoying a Dutch Oven? Absolutely not. However, the streak just might be broken, as Leo is now dating Gigi Hadid, who is 27 years old. So we're left wondering, does she too find farts funny? Only time will tell.