Elon Musk has once again outdone himself in his never-ending mission to get people to like him. On Sunday, Musk posted a Twitter poll asking users if he should step down as CEO. He then doubled down by stating he would abide by the results of the poll.

As if we didn't know EXACTLY how this would play out, over 17.5 million people voted with 57.5 percent saying they wish he'd step down.

Sad boi energy aside, there was actually a coherent and positive response which is somewhat rare on Twitter dot com. An old friend, Tom gave his two cents.

Tom Anderson - founder of MySpace - CEO of Twitter? That has a nice ring to it. The internet sure had some thoughts.

It's hard to say if Elon will *actually* stand by his statement and step down as CEO. If nothing else it was nice to hear from Tom. Millennials can rest easy knowing that he's just kind of hanging out, living his life.