Move over Fyre Festival, the 2022 World Cup in Qatar is here and they're offering fan tents which are comparable to a prison cell made of tarp. This is just the beginning of a long list of issues that have already plagued Qatar in the weeks leading up to soccer's largest tournament.

Regarding the 'fan rooms', they are supposed to be affordable options for tourists coming in to watch the games. Apparently they'll cost guests about $100/night. For which you get a tarp tent, a twin size bed, and a nightstand.

Airbnb is doing their best to ruin everyone's stay. Guests began booking, and hosts are now price-gouging at astronomical amounts.

As if room and board issues aren't bad enough, a recent video went viral of a Denmark news team being censored and threatened for filming. 

This seems like an awful lot of hassle to go watch a bunch of grown men flop around for 90 minutes, but that's just me. Here's hoping conditions get better and if you are attending the World Cup, it doesn't break the bank.