Operation Hangover was a TikTok account run by Dave Garett that had over 10,000 followers at the time of his death. His content mainly focused on chugging and reviewing alcoholic beverages, sometimes with his wife Carla. An EMS call was broadcast during a livestream in which Dave was unresponsive.

@hookedbyshakera These creators drank alcohol when people would send them money to take shots, is this what we're doing on social media now? Inabaling people into their addiction, when anyone spoke up their mods would block them? this man unalived on a live stream last night. shame on everyone who sent him money to drink, my heart goes out to his fiance Carla and his family, she will have to live with this her whole life. They did cpr for 30 mins straight. We need to do better!!! #operationhangover #rip #awareness #addiction #fyp #stop ♬ original sound - shakera

Out of lack of reliable information, and pure respect for his friends and family, we won't speculate on the actual cause of Dave's death. His TikTok account has since been made unavailable. We will however note, that one of Operation Hangover's staples was a donation platform where users would pay to watch Dave take shots and binge drink.

@milo408sj Please drink responsibly. Most horrible thing I witnessed on a TikTok live. Much Love to Carla and Family. RIP Dave @Ca@Carlagington and Davep@OperationWifeTakeovera#painI#RIPp#operationhangover ♬ original sound - Milo408SJ

In a separate video that has been deleted, Dave's sister officially announced his passing and placed blame on viewers who continuously encouraged his drinking through live donations. His family has set up a GoFundMe page in order to take care of funeral expenses.

@seonyarenee traumatized I’m so sorry Carla, and rip Dave ❤️ #ReasonForBooking #CODSquadUp #fyp #seonyarenee #fypage #operationhangover ♬ My Superhero Movie  - Jacob Jeffries

There's no word on wether TikTok will look into the 'Operation Hangover' account and make changes going forward in regards to the promotion of binge drinking content creation.