The show that emo/pop/punk fans have been waiting for since Warped Tour '05 has just been announced.

The When We Were Young Festival is here. One day. 42,069 bands. Or at least that's what it seems like.

Did I just die and go to emo heaven? If you don't feel like scouring that mess of a lineup chart, here are the highlights.

My Chemical Romance


Jimmy Eat World

Avril Lavigne

Senses Fail


The Used

The All American Rejects

Taking Back Sunday

Dashboard Confessional

Hawthorne Heights

And the list goes on.

After I changed out of my soiled skinny jeans, I began to dig a little deeper.

The 1-day festival will take place in Las Vegas on October 22nd of this year. General Admission presale tickets are starting at $224.99. And there's the rub. As excited as every millennial was for this announcement, there was plenty of doubt surrounding the details. 

Live Nation has already made it clear that tickets are non-refundable.

How are all of these bands going to play in one day? What precautions are being taken to avoid what happened at the Travis Scott festival? Is it worth paying that much to maybe see a few of your favorite bands?

Despite doubts, fans and memers had the early aughts extravaganza trending on Twitter.

Obviously this isn't happening until October. So we have plenty of time to be dissapointed by whatever might tear the festival down. Be it COVID, bands dropping out, or the world just coming to an end.

But for now let us pop-punk-emo-kids-turned-30-year-olds have this moment.

So long, and goodnight!