A 45-year-old Tunisian woman went to the doctor after experiencing symptoms most related to a UTI, however, they soon found a glass tumbler had been lodged in her bladder for years. The woman claims to have been using the glass for "erotic purposes". After an x-ray, it was apparent the woman had an 8cm wide bladder stone that had enveloped the glass.

Bladder stones will occur when urine is not fully emptied out of the bladder. However, the woman experienced no blood in her urine and no incontinence, which are major signs of bladder stones. After a urinalysis, doctors discovered her red blood count between 23-25, where a normal range would be four or less.

Bladder stones are typically too small to be seen by the naked eye and less than a centimeter, so to have an 8cm wide stone in your bladder is very dangerous. However, the surgery, known as a cystolithotomy, is routine and the woman made a full recovery within two days of her operation.

The doctors revealed that it's highly common that patients will come in with abdominal pain only to find they have been using a foreign object as a sex toy. 

However, this woman's date with a glass tumbler poses many more questions than it does answers. The biggest being, how could you pleasure yourself with something and just leave it in there when you're done? Did she not wonder where that glass went, for four years, that she was using on herself? Maybe she was just in a hurry to get somewhere.