It's pretty simple. You get $1,000 every day, the rub is that you have to poop in a public restroom for the rest of your life. Thanks to existential_aardvark on AskReddit, we were given this extraordinary ultimatum and users were quick to respond.

Paper_brilliant put it in terms of a career stating, "Yes, because my job is now shitting in public restrooms and I am incredibly well-paid so I am going to do it well." Excellent point.

Another Redditor, Enshaden, was way too excited about the opportunity and decided to throw caution to the wind saying, "I'd poop in front of a live studio audience for $1k a day."

People began finding loopholes, this one is courtesy of JOzey. "On $365,000 a year I’m pretty sure the public restrooms I’ll be using will be very nice. Or I’ll just walk into expensive hotel lobbies."

Most folks were completely fine with the fact that they would be using a cesspool of a public bathroom, but it's just the inconvenience of going out and finding one every time you have to shit. GoldIce53641638 said, "I'm not gonna lie actually shitting in a public restroom is fine, what's deterring me is having to drive somewhere every time I have to take a shit. I'd probably still do it."

In the end, isn't it really about the number of poops you have to take? Thanks to the aptly named Redditor, TheCastusDildo, we get some solid insight into his pooping habits. "Hell yes, I'll take that deal. In fact, you can make it a glass public restroom and y'all can come watch, besides if it can be any public restroom I know a few stores that have some really really clean ones, not to mention because of health issues I only poop two or so times a week so let's do this."

Two times a week? Sir, I don't think that's healthy AT ALL. But point taken. We're going to take the $1K deal as well. You only live once, and I'm sick of being poor.