13 People Getting Called Out for Lying on the Internet

There are many different kinds of lying. Not all lying is necessarily bad. There are white lies, designed to save un-needed explanation or information from people who really don't need to know it. Perhaps those lies are told with the good intention of saving someone from knowing something that would only bring them pain. There are other times where people might not flat out lie, but instead choose to withhold vital information, and by definition tell only partial truths. I would consider this lying as well, but everyone will see this point differently.

What most people can agree on however, is that making up and posting stories to your social media and the internet for the sole purposes of clout and notoriety are an especially low kind of lying, seeing as they have no real purpose other than to expose the poster as needy attention seeking little loose lipped leper. Here are 13 people who would seem to be just that.
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