20 Concerning Comments and Clap-Backs

These comments and posts either take the form of the good old fashioned comeback, or the less common and less supported cursed comment. Some of these are indeed the same kind of clap-back you love to see, with someone firing off the most witty of retorts to get one back against the person they feel entitled to have a shot at. Those are fun, and we love those. They make for great content after all.

But these other comments come in a less blessed vein. There is no doubt that something is the matter with them, and you can't help but feel like something is not quite right while reading them. Are these people ok? Are they cursed? Has the devil become involved in their Satanic thought processes? There are no immediate answers, but we can at least put a bunch of them together and see of we can find some common threads, especially when compared to that nice familiar comeback.

These comments are from r/cursedcomments and r/MurderedByWords.
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