18 People That Made A Hilarious Mistake

These people messed up. It happens to everyone now and again, but these people messed up in special ways, missing the point entirely while it was right in front of them. Here are 18 people who messed up by missing the point. Other forms of missing the point can be found in the form of a joke flying over your head. here are some examples of that.

Messing up is not an uncommon affair. For example, people routinely confuse salt with sugar, left with right, or their cousin's step father with their girlfriend. All of these mess ups come from missing some point, although to be fair the consequences may very slightly. Therefore, it is imperative that we as a society endeavor to grasp the point around us at all times to avoid confusion, and more importantly to avoid a more than awkward situation at the next extended family poop party cook out.
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