17 People Who Did Not Need to Leave a Comment

You don't need to share everything, and we would have rather not heard from these people. Some thoughts, believe it or not, you can just keep to yourself. Doing so does not harm anyone, nor does it detract from the surplus of commentary already out there circulating in its mediocrity. Believe it or not, you actually really don't need to share anything. Especially online for the whole world to have to end up seeing. If for whatever reason you actually do want to see more of what these people didn't need to share, you can check out these 20 People Who Shared Way Too Much On the Internet.

Part of what makes sharing powerful is that different people have different opinions, and public discourse is therefore constructive. That is when people actually have things that are worthwhile to say. If you're like these people, then you don't. So maybe get better at recognizing what is really worth sharing, so you don't end up like these folks.
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