20 Clever Comments That Really Killed It

Everybody likes a good clever comment. Here are 20 more for you to read and laugh at.

There is really nothing better than getting back at someone who has posted something silly on one of the various platforms you are able to put things online these days. Sometimes the person has genuinely made a stupid post that is just yearning to be called out and put in place, and sometimes they have just lined themselves up for a joke so easy that it is impossible not to take it, nothing personal about it. This collection features a smattering of both, with each feeling quite deserved and satisfactory upon reading. My personal favorite might be the comment on Sean Penn's expression, although perhaps I should refrain from saying so since he really does seem to be going through it, dealing with legitimate humanitarian issues. Enjoy these comments, and take notes for the next time you need to comment on something. Lord knows you all need some.
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