20 Crazy Neighbors You Might Not Want to Live Near

One facet of our lives that social media apps have made entirely worse is being a neighbor. Humans were never really meant to interact with their neighbors so frequently or publicize what's going on in their lives. Now you don't really have much say of who your neighbors will be unless you already know the people who live on either side of the house, condo, or apartment you are moving into, so it's really just a roll of the dice. Sometimes you get people around your age that you really click with, other times you unknowingly move in next to a Ken or Karen, who seem like their only goal in life is to make things miserable for the rest of us.

But the Nextdoor app has made these embarrassing interactions all too common. Scroll down for a treat of some of the worst neighbors to ever exist, and hopefully, it makes you appreciate the neighbors you have currently, assuming they're not in this gallery!
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