20 Entitled Managers That Totally Have a Screw Loose

It's about time these managers returned from their power trips.

Honestly I hate managers. Any customer service job I've ever had was led by an incompetent person who deserved way less money and power than they had.

And I know this is a universal feeling. For some reason in this country, hard-working, passionate, reliable employees are underpaid and under-appreciated. While their managers and bosses are paid ridiculous salaries for doing less work, and acting like total jackasses.

This might sound harsh, but it's the absolute truth. Before landing my dream job of writing for eBaum's World, I worked for celebrity chefs and Joe Nobodies alike. They all sucked. Nobody cares about employees. All they want is what's best for them, and they could care less about what happens to workers. Because in a manager's mind, workers are expendable and replaceable.

So thanks to the subreddit Thanks Management, we've collected a gallery of the most entitled and incompetent managers you'll ever see. Enjoy!
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