Crypto Has Continued to Crash and We Have the Memes

The crash heard 'round the world. You knew these dudes had it coming after not shutting the f**k up about bitcoin for the last 5 years.

Since early May of this year cryptocurrency has lost $600 billion of value. What does that actually mean? I have very little idea. But to put it in layman's terms, most of crypto's value is derived from what investors see fit AKA 'Market Perception.'

Market Perception quickly deteriorated as investors began losing faith in the currency as an asset. Hence the crash.

It's pretty funny from an outsider standpoint, because my real dollar bills in my real, physical wallet aren't going anywhere. Meanwhile bitcoin bros are crying in the streets because they lost everything. What a world.

So the internet did what it does best and roasted these crypto bros with memes and tweets. We gathered some of the best here for you to enjoy, and hopefully celebrate the misfortune of other stupid people!
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