20 Cult Members on The Moment They Knew

It's easier than you'd think to fall in with a cult. So easy, in fact, that oftentimes cult members have no idea they're cult members. They're all just friendly, like-minded people who happen to agree that Joe has a point when he says he has to sleep with everybody's wives to save the world from the evil twin brother of Jesus who keeps brain-washing the Unenlightened into thinking they're just a bunch of crazy cult members.

Jokes aside, it's a serious thing; vulnerable people get indoctrinated into cults all the time without knowing it -- whether because they were born into one or somebody with a pamphlet came into the life at the perfectly wrong time or any other number of reasons -- and too few are fortunate enough to wake up to the stark reality that they're part of a cult.

Down below are stories from real people detailing the exact moment they realized something was wrong.
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