Things Men Will Do Instead of Going to Therapy

It takes a lot for men to admit they need some help. Let's face it, we'll do practically anything to avoid seeing a therapist.

It's no secret that men are fickle creatures. We don't always know what we want, and we often times keep our emotions in check. Unless of course those emotions are re-directed and come out in a rage during the NFL season or some other trivial competition. That's seemingly the only time that we wear our heart on our sleeve, and let those emotions out.

But for the most part men aren't going to TALK about things. Serious things. At least that's how we've been raised. Don't cry. Don't show emotion. Don't open up. And that's a pretty f**ked up way to live. So in that light, the wonderful world of Twitter has given us plenty of examples of things that men will do before they ever even CONSIDER therapy.

We hope you enjoy.
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