20 WTF Nightclub Pics That Are Pure Chaos

We've collected another batch of insanely ridiculous nightclub photos that absolutely exude chaos.

Let me paint you a picture. It's Monday morning, the weekend flew by too quickly. The work week is a pain and you can't wait for Friday. Tuesday is basically a second Monday. Wednesday, you make it over the hump. Thirsty Thursday, you take it easy. Friday night rolls around after what felt like an eternity. You meet up with your boys/girls on a whim. "Nothing crazy" you say to yourself. Until that first drink hits your lips. Then it's on!

Fast forward to 4am and you end up looking like the folks in one of these 20 pictures.

Now that might sound like the ramblings of a functioning alcoholic, and you might be right. But nothing compares to a good, drunken night with friends out on the town. The only downside is ending up with an excruciating hangover, and finding yourself in an internet gallery like this one. Cheers!
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