21 Foods Made In China You Should Never Eat

China is a major food supplier for North America and the rest of the world. We've all learned about their wet markets due to coronavirus, and how they may not actually be bad at all, but here are a whole bunch of other reasons why certain foods made in China should never be eaten.

Some other (China) Food For Thought

-Interesting video of Exotic Food From China posted on eBaum's back in 2012

-Some delicious nightmare fuel of Fast Food in China's Beijing posted to eBaum's World all the way back in 2008, with jokes about being ready for the Olympics and then this list from 2012 of what Olympic tourists at in China.

-2020 pre-pandemic video sampling Chinese Gutter Oil which is a staple ingredient used for frying at many restaurants in China. And a video showing Street Food in China that sure has more than a few bees buzzing on it.

Still want more? Straight up tour of the wet markets in China posted 2 months deep into a pandemic that makes them look not all that bad. Almost like a version of Whole Foods.

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