21 Manipulative Life Hacks from People Living on Expert Mode

This collection of top-notch life advice comes from a bunch of strangers on the internet, so you might want to think twice before attempting any of these brave moves yourself. But they all do sound pretty foolproof. Life Hacks come in a variety of methods and topics. Typically they promise a way to get things done easier or perhaps simplify your life if even for a brief moment. Not all life hacks are created equally though, some end up being way more trouble than they are worth, and others just do not work at all or not as you were intending them to.

We'd like to think the subtle geniuses who came up with these schemes have moved on to bigger and better things, but they're probably still up to their petty games. Oh well! Once again I have to stress that these have not been tested by myself or anyone I know so we cannot recommend trying any of them.
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