20 People Who Are The Worst Kind Of Trash

Not everyone can be a good person, but do some people have to be as bad as they are? These people are certifiably straight up trash. I try to at the very least be compost, or recycling or something, but these 21 people put me to shame and belong right in the landfill with the rest of their trashy compatriots.

A few of the simple baseline qualities you need to not be trash include being faithful to your partner, being mindful of the environment around you, and not going out of your way to be a certified piece of wet toilet paper that has broken down into little sticky strings you have to peel off of your fingers. You know, the basics. Too bad these 20 people have found themselves drenched in old chicken juices or expired cheese, with just that wad of old toilet paper to clean all the mess up.
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