21 Pictures That Will Make Your Eyes Orgasm

Your eyes have had a tough day. Why not reward them with some pictures that are extremely satisfying to look at. You may not be able to tell what's going on at first, but the image itself will be satisfying enough, and once you figure it out, your eyes will thank you for the optical stimulation they've been needing.

Sometimes we don't appreciate our eyes enough. People say they are the windows to our soul, but were that the case our soul would let in a lot more than it does. Nobody wants everything they see inside of them right? No, of course not. You've probably already seen some messed up things today. No, your eyes are a filter for the soul, taking in everything they see and weeding out the tough parts best they can, only allowing what they think truly belongs inside. It'a a tough job. So why not reward them with some pictures they don't need to filter?
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