22 Photos Captured at Perfectly Weird Angles

Photography is an interesting art form. It's less about sculpting something that isn't there but choosing what to capture from what is.

Kind of like how that tribe of serpentine under-dwellers kidnapped the eBaums World office staff and enslaved us for a week in the Crystal Pit. My... my hands still itch to this day. We have a plaque for Kyle the Intern who we had to... well, let's just say food was scarce inside the pit.

Photography is all about perspective. The truth can be misleading.

Similar to that forest guide that took us off the path and into the lair of the Sasquatch Queen during that eBaums Office hike. Surprisingly friendly, the Bigfeet were. Except for trying to murder us when we tried to escape, of course -- thankfully Sabrina heroically tripped on a tree root and distracted them, urging the rest of us to carry on without her with wordless screams of agony as they tore her to pieces.

We should do another one of those.
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