23 Awful Tattoos of Permanent Cringe

People do know that tattoos are permanent right? Like once they get them, they can never get the, off? Everybody is supposed to know this, but it seems like many people have not gone the next step of internalizing that information, and using it to inform their decision making. Well, at least that means there are more bad tattoos for us to cringe at on the internet.

These bad tats, taken from r/sh**tytattoos, fail to excel at either concept or execution, with only a handful perhaps not showing the poorest of judgement in concept. But even for those, judgement must be made for the artist, and thus poor choices have been made all the way around. Poor choices, with painfully permanent consequences. It's amazing that friends, family, or even the artists themselves didn't have the wherewithal to stop these people. They do know that these are never coming off right?
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