25 Memes With No Humor In Them

A meme is defined as as an image, video, or piece of text that is passed among people with slight variations. I would add personally to that definition by saying that typically memes are made for the the purpose of expressing humor, and as a lot of comedy also does, work through the issues of society with a more accessible lens. Because of this secondary purpose, memes often are very relatable, or at least feign relatability for humor's sake. There is no shortage of memes on this website, and you can find many memes here with little to no searching.

These memes however, are different. They are anti-memes. There is no feigned relatability, as they express exactly their face value. There is no humor, as no joke is even attempted. Are they even memes then? Well by the dictionary definition they are. And by mine? Well, I think they're the funniest and most relatable of all.

This group is assembled from r/antimemes.
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