25 Dad Jokes That Will Make You Facepalm

Here's to dad, the inventor of the bad joke. Hey! Do you know what's brown and sticky?

A stick.

Did you know?

Dad jokes were once the subject of military experiments. With the sheer groan factor of some of the jokes, military researchers wondered if there would be a way to use dad jokes as a more inhumane torture / interrogation technique. They found their methodology to be very effective, almost too much so.

They found some dad jokes had the same destructive power as one of the nuclear bombs dropped on Japan. In order to ensure this secret never made it out to the ears of anyone, they wrote it down and locked the jokes away, so that no one would ever be subjected to the horrors of such ultimate dad jokes.

Want to facepalm yourself harder than Picard? These cringy dad jokes will have you reeling backwards from the force of your palm necessary to take into account the magnitude of the cringe. Or try to shake things up with some dad jokes that are actually funny.
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