27 Jokes That People Just Didn’t Get

Sometimes humor is hard. Jokes require context, and a certain awareness of one's environment, the broader society, and of course the knowledge that people around them might not be completely serious all the time like they are. This leads to jokes being misinterpreted from time to time, and taken a little too literally. These people here just didn't get the jokes around them, and as a result became the butt of their own joke in the process. If you're feeling funny, you can check out more people who just didn't get the joke, and r/woooosh.

It's not the biggest mistake to miss a joke. It happens to people all the time. What is annoying is for people to take their misunderstanding and throw it aggressively back into the face of the joke teller, causing un-needed, and not thought out aggression, while making themselves look stupid in the process. Don't be that guy. And try to get the jokes. They're funny sometimes.
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