27 Debauchery-Filled Pics Proving Mardi Gras Is Lit as a Lite Brite

Tuesday, March 1st is technically the end of Mardi Gras. Although the Fat Tuesday celebrations will be in full thrust.

In New Orleans the holiday festivities actually begin on the 12th night of Christmas and stretch all the way to Ash Wednesday. Obviously Bourbon Street is the place to be for booze, beads, and boobs.

According to Wikipedia, the tradition of women exposing their breasts for trinkets dates all the way back to 1889. But the practice wasn't necessarily a local custom, and was more of a tourist act that happened to catch on.

Even in tumultuous times with Covid restrictions and battles raging on in the Ukraine, New Orleans has pushed through and still held festivities this year. Of course when it comes to one of the biggest parties in the country, we had to collect a gallery for you.

We've gathered some of the most fascinating photos from the Mardi Gras parades past and present. Get ready for fun, food, and a f*ck-ton of beads.
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