27 Tattoos That Really Suck

Some people just can't seem to grasp the concept that a tattoo is a permanent decision. You know, the kind where the consequences exist in plain view for all to see? But as long as people and tattoos exist, it makes sense that stupid ones will get stupid ones. It's just a shame that nobody thought to question these design choices until it was too late. Here are 27 cringeworthy tattoos that we can't unsee.

The biggest question surrounding these tattoos comes in the form of council for the unfortunate victims of the ink, (although they themselves are also the perpetrators). Where were the friends, family, heck even a kind tattoo artist to say, hey man, maybe this butt plug on your arm isn't the best idea when Christmas time rolls around you'll be expected to help your little cousins open their presents. Or when your wife makes you go to spin class and you have to explain why you can't sit on the bike seat the whole time. Well, maybe the tattoo would be useful in that case.
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