30 Weird Things Being Sold Online

People buy some weird things. Have you ever been inside someone's house? Of course that means people sell some weird things too. And the weirdest things are usually not sold in stores, who have to maintain appearances of being by and large respectable establishments. For the strangest stuff, we have to straight to the source: the weird people selling it. It makes sense therefore that social media and other online platforms would be the best place for buying, and therefore selling some strange things. Here are 30 of the strangest things being sold online.

Weird people sell some weird things when someone doesn't have to come into a store and ask them to their face why in the heck they would ever believe someone would want it. But on the safety of the internet, nobody is there to provide that in person public embarrassment so many people fear so much, nor are there any consequences to simply not selling anything. So weird people sell weird stuff.
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