42 People Who Just Didn't Get the Joke

There are three types of people in this world. People who get jokes, and people who don't.

People who get jokes are fun to be around. You can be funny, and they'll laugh, allowing you to really flex those joke telling muscles. They might even throw a funny of their own in there every now and again just to spice it up. It's a fun atmosphere to be around. People who don't get jokes however are not only dull, but never seem to get the fact that they don't get the joke, and then feel the need to throw around what they think is your mistake. Even if there were no joke you would think they'd have the kindness to not need to point out a mistake of little consequence, but instead they decide to open their mouths, only to reveal that they don't get it. It's a shame, but at least they make it abundantly clear through their hubris that it is their mistake, not yours. So, we gather the up, and present them to you. Here are 42 people who clearly missed the joke.
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