40 More Fun Facts to Cram in Your Cranium

This knowledge bundle is a nice mixture of random pop culture facts and actually useful information to make your life more fulfilling. Or something like that, we're not totally sure.

Just make sure you're cramming as many of these sweet little factoids into your brain as possible, and don't stop until the brain juices are leaking from your ears.

Fun fact about the human body: If you melted a person down, they would fit entirely inside one KFC chicken bucket with room to spare for gravy on top. Then you can put the lid on and store it safely in your fridge for up to 12 months.

Hopefully you come away from this post feeling even a little bit smarter and more worldly. This listicle isn't going to grant you the power to pull off wearing a monocle, but it'll come pretty close.

For an even better barrage of knowledge bombs, click here.
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