38 Radical Randoms with a Funny Perspective

These pics are here to soothe you however you need it most. Whether you just want to relax with some pleasant imagery, or take your mind off things with a joke, these pictures should accomplish just that.

Feel free to ignore that email from your boss and forget whatever dumb thing your co-worker just said in the Zoom meeting. Now is the time for scrolling mindlessly and laughing hysterically.

If you need some more comedic inspiration, check out this link for a neat lil' surprise (compliments to the chef).

These pictures are here to provide you with a unique and funny perspective, perhaps to help you reframe your mind into a positive light. After all, with these images, you might not be able to understand them without that positive funny thinking. Such exercises are important in life. After all, it is your own mindset that often determines the extent of pleasure you take out of activities. And while it's not the only thing, it certainly helps in leading a more satisfying life.
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