Boss Makes Sick Employee Get Doctor’s Note, So They Do.

The world needs more doctors writing passive-aggressive notes to back up employees getting jerked around by horrible managers. Anybody have this doctor's number or what insurance they accept?

The world is changing a lot these days, in both good and bad ways. One of the good ways however is the rise of the worker, where more and more people are standing up for themselves and their rights as workers against companies nobody would have dreamed of tackling before. The result? People getting what they deserve, and managers often getting the same. Although of course this story takes place in Europe so they already had these things, but at least we're finally catching up! Workers are going so far as to decide that they'd rather not work than work for someone who doesn't respect them, or treat them with respect. It makes sense. Not everyone has the resource of a brilliant doctor to support them.

This story comes from r/maliciouscompliance.
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