29 Comebacks That Roast Hotter Than Your Grill

There comes a time when we all must go forth and become keyboard warriors. Not because the world needs anymore of those, believe me they don't, but because something has been said that we cannot let stand. Something so dumb there is no way it has been thought about. Something so outlandish there is no way it has come from a human mind. And something so easy to put down that there is a golden opportunity to rectify the situation, fix the flow of misinformation, and respond in force with the might presented to us on the keyboard. The time has come for you to write a savage comment and comeback.

Gathered from r/clevercomebakcs and r/MurderedByWords, these comments are gathered by experienced people of the internet, who know a thing or two about presenting the top quality verbal karma deliveries. From all across the interwebs, here are 29 savage comments and comebacks.
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