Extremely Attractive Girl Asked To Get Roasted, Got Absolutely Destroyed

Reddit's r/roastme has produced some really brutal takedowns, but this one might take the cake.

I'll be honest this "roast" is giving off some small d*ck energy. Seems like this guy might be projecting his own faults and failures on to this super attractive girl, just because she asked to be roasted.

I'm no therapist by any means, but to me this seems like he's venting and this is about something a lot deeper than just a Reddit roast. But hey what do I know?

Even still if you sift through the misogynistic undertones, there are some quality jokes in here. One of my favorites is "Before long you'll look like Donatella Versace with the personality of one of her handbags." Zing. The dude could've ended it right there. Game, set, match.

Clearly this was written by some dude who wishes he could get a girl this attractive, but can't. But I'd be lying if I said I wasn't going to use this quote in the future. "Your grave will be about as shallow as your personality." Poetry.
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