Gym Influencer Commands Guy to Stop Mid-Workout So She Can Film a Video

Just more proof that influencers are the absolute worst.

Imagine just trying to get through a workout at the gym, and someone not only interrupts you, but taps you on the shoulder mid-squat to get your attention. It's annoying, not to mention dangerous, but sure this must be important 'what's up?'

Well it turns out the person who just interrupted you is a fitness influencer and needs you to quit what you're doing right away, so that she can take a video and post it to social media.

If you're already infuriated just imagine how the OP felt when this exact scenario happened to him. The OP goes on to state that as annoying as the girl was, he probably would have moved to a different machine or moved out of the shot. But since she was unkind, petulant, and just the rudest person imaginable, he decided to get petty with it. This story came to us from the subreddit, Am I the Asshole.
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