Manager Mistakes Customer for Interviewee and Reveals Company Breaking the Law

Nothing like accidentally revealing that your business is engaging in illegal interviewing practices.

This one comes to us from the subreddit r/IDontWorkHereLady and it's just an all-around insane story. So buckle your seatbelts.

The OP, a woman looking to get her fitness machine fixed was mistaken for someone who wanted to interview for a job. I'm picturing say a Sporting Goods or a store similar. Think fitness machinery.

Before she could even make her case that she wasn't actually there for an interview, and she was just a customer, the two hiring managers had led her back to a room for said interview.

That's right about where the story goes off the rails. They begin to ask her super inappropriate (and illegal) lines of questioning. "How old are you?" Being the bombshell.

So instead of correcting the employees and revealing that she just needed her machine fixed, she plays along and reveals some shady hiring practices.

The two managers go on to tell her that since she's a female, she wouldn't be safe by herself if she would end up getting the job. What??? So they blatantly discourage her from applying for a job with them, because it's not safe for her? Got it.

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