Daughter-In-Law Ruins Shirt after Absurd Ironing Request from Father-In-Law

A woman gets back at her Father-in-law in the best possible way.

Thanks to the subreddit Malicious Compliance, we've collected a story of one of the most bada** women we've ever heard of. The author tells the tale of her engagement party (a very important day for a couple.) Her soon to be father-in-law apparently thought this day was all about him, and decided to pester her.

I use the word pester, because that's what it was. This woman was trying to do her hair, and get herself ready for what should've been a joyous occasion. Instead, her FIL requests that 'since she's a woman', she should iron his shirt for him.

First of all. Iron your own damn shirt dude. Secondly, this is not her responsibility. Especially on the day of her engagement party. So she takes matters into her own hands.

She turned the iron up to the 'hell' setting and ruined the shirt. Just a brilliant maneuver honestly. But enough from me, I'll let our hero tell the story.
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